Chia Seeds. WTF or FTW?

Hello Hello!

Alright I’ve got a plan in my head of how these posts will go, but as with all things human, it’s adapt or die. Well maybe not die. Sheesh, that got intense real quick.

Anyway… so here’s my plan: I’m going to post images of my food. Riveting stuff, I know. Along with that I will lay out the number of WW’s smart points — abbreviated “SP” for you cool millennials. (Yes, technically I’m one too, but I’ve got the soul of a 90 year old).

I’m hoping to put up a few posts a week of my total SP count with some poorly lit or sadly askew photographs. Side note – what is it with the random people who manage to make a bowl of cereal look like a Michelin Star meal? Gahhh, post-law school goal: learn that talent.

Reminder – Smart points are simply the unit of measurement that weight watchers uses, and I find it way more convenient than counting up calories. Again, I’m not affiliated with WW in any capacity, just doing my thing. Living my life. Ya know, a regular humanoid.

Okay, so for starters, here is what I did for breakfast.

PB Toast

PB Toast with Bananas and Chia Seeds – 8 SP

2 pieces of Ezekiel whole grain bread  – 4 SP

2 TBSP of Better’n Peanut Butter Low Sodium (melted it a bit for spreadability)- 3 SP

1 banana sliced – 0 SP

1 TSP Trader Joes Chia Seeds – 1 SP

Total SP: 8

Sidenote, I really don’t understand chia seeds. They don’t taste like anything. They’re not even that crunchy. But apparently they have a sh**load of antioxidants or something.

I dunno, the world seems obsessed and I have serious FOMO, so I bought some.

If you’re over 30 you may not know — FOMO is the “fear of missing out”

And I’ve got it BIG TIME.

Also, who knew a teaspoon of them would be so much? 1/2 teaspoon (-1 SP) going forward so they don’t end up all over the counter, the floor, my life.


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