Relationship Status: Veggie-Full

You know, there’s one misconception that really frustrates me. Well, let’s be honest — there are a lot more than one, but that’s for another day.

The misconception is that people who are overweight (that word makes me cringe, even typing it), are junk food addicts who sit around eating fast food constantly, and wouldn’t know a vegetable if it hit them in the face.

Getting hit in the face by vegetables sounds like a bad snapchat filter, doesn’t it? Now you’re picturing it aren’t you? A chopped vegetable melange whacking some poor person in the face repeatedly while he apologizes for not finishing the greens on his plate as a kid. No? Just me. Never mind.

I can honestly say, the no-veggie, constant junk food life has never been me.

Now, do I love a cheeseburger from In N Out? Obviously, I’m from California. And hell yes, I want it animal style. But have I eaten one recently? Honestly, no. I probably get fast food between 1-3 times per year. A couple meals out of 365 days — clearly not the cause of my weight battle.

I actually LOVE vegetables and eat them frequently. I was probably one of the only 10 year olds I knew that adored brussels sprouts* and asparagus. My relationship status with fruit has held at a steady “it’s complicated” for a while, but we’re working it out.

No, my issue is not always what I eat, but typically how much I eat.

So, in this weight loss adventure I am actively trying to substitute the quantity I’d prefer to be carbs or protein with the healthiest and zero smart points food I can find. So basically, vegetables.

*Holy cow, I am in shock. Despite my less than professional blog writing, I tend to consider myself to be “with the words.” I legitimately did not know that it was “brussels sprout.” I’ve even been to Brussels (it’s absolutely beautiful), but I always thought the vegetable was singular – Brussel sprout. Just going to find myself a corner to rock in for a few minutes, carry on…

1C Cucumbers – 0 SP

1C Baby Carrots – 0 SP

14 Chicken Cilantro Wontons (from Trader Joes) – 5 SP

(for all you narcs, yes there are only 13 wontons in the photo…I got hungry while food styling)

Dip for Veggies (center of white plate)

2 oz Trader Joes Feta Cheese Spread – 4 SP

Wonton Dipping Sauce (pink bowl)

2 TBSP Low Sodium Soy Sauce – 0 SP

1 TSP Huy Fung Chili Garlic Sauce – 0 SP

Total SP: 9

One thing I really enjoyed about this meal was the amount of food on my plate felt satisfying. Sometimes when you’re dealing with a limited number of remaining points in the day you feel deprived, which tends to lead to snacking (at least in my case).

Also, who doesn’t love fun dipping choices? I’m going to be honest, I have no idea what Trader Joes intended the feta spread to be used with (it probably says on the container, but that’s all the way downstairs in my kitchen, and let’s be real that ain’t happening), but let me tell ya — it was a perfect combo with the veggies.

The soy sauce/chili sauce combo was just something I thought up cause I’m always down for a little kick.

On that note, as this blog goes along you’ll find two resounding facts to be true about my food preferences:

I LOVE CHEESE in pretty much any form…and I LOVE SPICY…also in pretty much any form. Fortunately for me, hot sauce doesn’t cost me many calories (or points, as it were). Very very very unfortunately for me, cheese is the archenemy of dieting.

Thank goodness for this meal allowing me to get a little bit of both, while not blowing my smart points for the day.


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