Summertime and Chicken Salad

Whew! What a week it has been. I’m thoroughly pooped out, and yet I feel like I didn’t get enough hours this week to accomplish stuff. Does anyone else feel like 2017 is just rushing by? I swear it was January like a week ago.

I miss those days as a kid where the summer (and everything else) felt endless. The only thing that feels endless these days is my to-do list.

Fortunately, summer “vacation” (as I will always affectionately refer to it) is just around the corner. I’ve got loads of prep work for finals between now and then, but in the blink of an eye I’ll return to the real world for a few months. Normal hours. Weekends off. Ability to say “yes, I’d love to hang out” without feeling guilty that I’m neglecting my studies.

The consistency should also bring more opportunity to stick with a gym routine, a food regimen, and a solid commitment to this journey. However, I’m still doing pretty well thus far.

Tried out some new items today in my lunch, check it out:


Chicken Salad Sandwich and Veggies – 7 SP


1 Trader Joes Whole Wheat Slims – 3 SP

1/2 C Trader Joes Reduced Guilt Chicken Salad – 2 SP

1/4 C Shelled Edamame – 2 SP

3 Mini Peppers – 0 SP

Total SP: 7

The new items to me were the whole wheat slims and the chicken salad.

The whole wheat slim was pretty comparable to a bagel thin (which I’ve had a number of times) and while not an exciting item, definitely fulfilled the carb craving. By comparison to the Ezekiel bread I’ve been eating, however, it was not nearly as filling. For one additional smart point I could have had a normal sandwich (i.e. 2 pieces of bread) and been full much longer.

As for the chicken salad, I tried a bit sans bread afterward for a true taste-test. The “slim” (bread) definitely improved the flavor. The salad itself almost tasted like a less delicious pot-pie filling. As a disclaimer, I’m far from a connoisseur of chicken salad, but I probably won’t buy it again.


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