Ain’t No Bagel and Lox

Mind blowing fact of the day: I’ve posted more breakfasts pics on this blog than any other meal.

This is coming from the same person who generally is not a huge fan of breakfast. Who have I become? Have I been lying to myself all this time? Do I really like breakfast? Oh the horror!!

Actually, I think it’s this diet journey in general. I’ve come to appreciate the need to fill myself up earlier in the day in order to avoid binging at night. And this breakfast did just that…

Eggs with Salmon and Toast – 10 SP


2 large Eggs – 4 SP

2 oz Nova Salmon – 1 SP

2 slices Ezekiel Whole Wheat Bread – 4 SP

1 wedge Laughing Cow Cheese Spread – 1 SP

3 spears of Watermelon – 0 SP

Morning Coffee – 1 SP

Total SP: 10

Once again, we’ve got my go-to ultra filling bread and some eggs — always a fave. I had bought some lox (smoked salmon) recently that weren’t as high in SP/calories as other brands I’d purchased in the past. I absolutely adore lox, but of course I’d prefer it on a nice, fresh fluffy bagel. Not exactly a WW-friendly life choice. Thus the image above.

You may be wondering about the laughing cow cheese spread in there. I don’t really have a valid excuse for it, other than the ezekiel bread can be a bit dry and the cheese spread is a nice portion-controlled way to alleviate that.

Let’s be honest though, butter on toast is still the best tasting thing in the world.

However, I personally have a very hard time with determining how much butter I am slicing off the stick (that sounds funny). In general, if I can buy items that are portion controlled I prefer it — keeps me honest. When you utilize things like dips or spreads that are in a tub-type format, it’s VERY easy to improperly measure — sometimes on purpose for the deliciousness, and typically by accident. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to measuring down to the atom, ain’t nobody got time for that.



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