the laziest lunchlady

Just dropping by with a little lunch time inspo – that’s short for inspiration for you old folks. Law school may not be “college” per say, but clearly I’ve still got the eating habits of a college student. In other words, identifying foods that requires the least amount of effort for the best flavor pay off.

The only thing here that required any effort was putting the “sandwich” into the microwave (because I don’t own a toaster oven) to melt the cheese.

Both the chicken and the mango were pre-sliced and I had cut the cucumber a day prior. Baby carrots – self explanatory. Even the cheese was the shredded variety.

What can I say? If it takes less than 10 minutes to put together, I’m all for it.

Open Face Chicken Sandwich – 8 SP


5 oz Trader Joes Grilled Chicken Strips – 2 SP

1/4 C Trader Joes Fancy Shredded Lite Mexican Blend  Cheese – 2 SP

1 Slice Ezekiel Whole Wheat Bread – 2 SP

2 TBSP Cilantro & Chive Yogurt Dip – 2 SP

Mango – 0 SP

Cucumber – 0 SP

Carrots – 0 SP

Total SP: 8

The dip in the center is honestly one of my favorite things in the world. It’s creamy, it’s light, it’s ultra flavorful. Sadly it’s not free of calories, but it’s better for you than ranch dressing or some other dips, so if you’re looking for a great companion for your veggies I’d give it a whirl.


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