back on the workout wagon

Oh hello friends!! I’m baaaaack! I survived (and passed!) my final exams!!!

You know, I once had an English teacher in high school tell me that exclamation points should be doled out to individuals with a 20 per lifetime allowance. She felt young people were using an outrageous number of exclamation points in their writing. While that’s probably sage advice when composing an essay on the compelling nature of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s symbolic tale of a young woman shunned by her community, or the vivid imagery Harper Lee brought to a court house to demonstrate the life lessons instilled in a young southern girl… THIS, my friends, is merely a blog. So clearly, I’m breaking all the rules, and using excessive exclamation points wherever I darn well feel like it!!!

Anyway, summer is here, and that means the final countdown to my friends’ wedding has commenced. As of today there are 86 days remaining. Yikes!

My final exam period was not a great time weight loss wise, as you might imagine. Late nights, long days, and high stress meant when I wanted a burger with fries — I got a burger and fries. Not every day, and I did try to stick within my points allocation, but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get a little joy between study sessions.

While it didn’t completely derail my efforts, the time of excuses “for the betterment of my education” is on hold until August. So, I’ve been hitting the gym pretty much everyday since finals ended and really trying to kick up the sweating a notch. Exactly what you want to read about, right? haha!

In an effort to try and stave off any hunger pangs as a result of this increased activity, I’ve been trying to get in some tasty and easy post-workout snacks. While this was certainly not the most exciting post I could have rejoined the blogging world with, work with what you’ve got — right?


Post Workout Snack – 2 SP

1 Banana – 0 SP

1 Premier Protein Shake – 2 SP

Total SP: 2

Here’s my big disclaimer before you read on: do your research. I’m not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one on TV. Further, as a future lawyer I have an overwhelming need to cover my own you-know-what when it comes to serving up “advice.”

That being said, protein is supposedly (according to science or whatever) proven to help restore your muscles after a workout. I also like protein shakes like this one because they pack a punch. 30 grams of protein that happens to taste very similar to chocolate milk without all the calories. I’ll take it. It acts as an actual snack – not a drink. Just as a point of reference (that I just googled out of curiosity), an average steak has 64 grams of protein. So that shake is like eating a half a steak, but with the convenience of not having to actually eat half a steak.

As always, I’m not sponsored by this particular brand of protein shake or anything. I simply relied upon my go-to source for all purchases: the internet. More specifically from a fellow Weight Watcher user I follow on Instagram: @trackingisthenewblack.

Oh and the banana. That’s just a good life choice.



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