The Tuna Fish Kid


Was anybody else that kid in elementary school who brought tuna fish sandwiches for lunch? Even if you weren’t THAT kid, you knew who THAT kid was, right?!

Well, I was that kid. I was always embarrassed to open my lunch bag because it felt like you could smell the tuna from a mile away, but oh I loved it. My mom used to make me tuna sandwiches for lunch probably 2-3 per month when I was in elementary school. Of course that was the mayonnaise-based tuna salad with celery and pickles. Mmmmm. Boy were those the days.

Sadly, mayonnaise isn’t exactly the healthiest of choices and if you’re going to do a tuna sandwich that’s really the way to go. However, I must say for a quick lunch that stays low points, a little drizzle of oil and vinegar over tuna with a side of some crunchy crackers is pretty darn satisfying.

Tuna with Crackers – 5 SP


10 Oz Canned Tuna (2 small cans) – 2 SP

On tuna: 1 SP

-1 TSP Olive Oil

-1 TBSP Red Wine Vinegar

-Salt & Pepper

12 Rice Crackers – 2 SP

Carrots – 0 SP

Total SP: 5

I must say I was quite surprised to find how few points canned tuna is – you can have a normal size of canned tuna (in water of course) for 1 smart point. Without the benefit of two slices of bread to offset the hunger, you’d be surprised at how easy eating 1 small can of tuna can be!

Also, a lot of people probably would prefer balsamic vinegar, but that is much more sugary and can ultimately cost you more smart points, so that’s why I opted for red wine vinegar.


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