“Pancakes” or something like them

Hello readers! Just stopping by with a quick breakfast suggestion for those of you on your own journeys feeling deprived by a lack of pancakes (or other sweet breakfast foods).

As I’ve mentioned I’m actually not a big sweet breakfast fan, but these bad boys are one of my favorite go-to options.

Banana & Egg Pancakes – 5 SP


2 Large Eggs – 4 SP

1 Banana – 0 SP

1/2 Scoop Protein Powder (optional) – 1 SP

Total SP: 5

I’ve made these pancakes many times with just the eggs and banana (they’ve taken over the internet) and they turn out great. However, they turn out pretty flat from such a runny batter. So, I added a bit of my protein powder this time and I was shocked! Seriously.

The batter was a bit thicker, so the pancakes didn’t run across the pan and they puffed up a bit. What’s not to love?!

Not an ad, but the protein powder I like to use (for this or for post-workouts) is Quest Protein Powder. I have only used the peanut butter flavor, but that paired perfectly with the banana-y “pancakes.”

There are lots of ways you could jazz these up if you’re looking for something more special. Add vanilla, cinnamon, oats, or berries to the batter. Or you could top them with peanut butter or even a syrup of some kind!

The world is your oyster. *cough* I mean pancake.


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