Not your grandmas meal prep

Does anyone else find it funny how there are words in our vocabulary that seemingly didn’t exist 5, 10, 15 years ago? I’m not talking about words like YOLO that are made up from acronyms and then suddenly catapult into sentences like real words. I’m talking about constructions of words that simply weren’t used.

Case in point: “Meal Prep”

The words make sense, but did anybody’s grandmother talk about meal prep? I kind of doubt it. If so, props to your hip grandma! (also see “props” — I typed it without even thinking about its etymology)*

Meal prep has taken the millennial world by storm. And probably some other folks too. But what’s not to love? You relax slave away a few hours on Sundays in the kitchen to have ready made snacks or full blown meals for the work week.

Meal prep is big with the healthy hippies hipsters and buff swole gym rats. Seriously, the words — what has happened to all the words?!

All joking aside, I prefer not to spend an exorbitant amount of my limited time off from work and school in the kitchen, so my “meal prep” is really basic. Being able to grab a few containers out of the fridge and pop them into an insulated lunch bag means not spending the money or calories on lunch out.

What you see below is obviously not for one lunch, but it’s nice to have a prepared protein, a prepared veggie, and a prepared fruit at your disposal.

Grab one of each and you’ve got yourself a well-balanced selection. Add in a nice little cheese wedge with pre-portioned crackers (see bottom of photo) and bam! a real meal.


Meal Prep

One note – I tend to add sticky notes or some kind of marking on the items which have points. This makes it easy first thing in the morning as you run out the door to do math quickly.

“Oh, the sausage pieces are 5 SP plus 3 SP of soy rice crackers — there’s an 8 SP lunch.” Add some veggies and fruit and you’re golden!

If you’re wondering what I’ve got, here you go:

Top: Mini Peppers and Cherub Tomatoes

Middle: Watermelon, Pineapple, and Apple Slices

Bottom: Chicken & Herb Sausage (2 links) and 8 oz of low sodium Turkey Slices

Baggies: Cranberry & Coconut Snacking Crackers, Fig & Olive Crisps, and Teriyaki Soy Rice Crackers

*While this has nothing to do with food or weight loss — the term “props” apparently comes from “proper respects” and didn’t come around until the late 90s/early 00s. Yes, I googled that because I was so intrigued by this funny slang I use all the time without even knowing what it really came from.


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